Unitive Justice

  Lovingkindness in action. 

Creating a Unitive System 

We can understand a unitive system from various perspectives, one of which is to consider the Thirteen Arcs to Unitive Justice listed below. The Arcs provide a guide for going from a punitive system to a unitive community. This list is not definitive, but the following Thirteen Arcs are a good starting point for envisioning the journey to a new understanding of the institutional design of justice. 

Arc 1. Governance: From Rules to Values

Arc 2. Social Framework: From Hierarchy/Top Down to Equality/Inclusion

Arc 3. Goal: From Compliance to Mutually Beneficial Action

Arc. 4. Means: From Punishment to Connection

Arc 5. Assessment: From Judgment to Insight

Arc 6. Benefit: From Self-Interest to Community

Arc 7: Focus: From Event to Context

Arc 8: Communication: From Deception to Honesty

Arc 9: Relationship: From Distrust to Trust

Arc 10: Management: From Control to Co-Creativity

Arc 11: Energy: From Opposition/Confrontation to Synergy

Arc 12: Guiding Moral Principle: From Proportional Revenge to Lovingkindness

Arc 13: Worldview: From Duality/Us Versus Them to Unity/Oneness