Unitive Justice

  Lovingkindness in action. 


Unitive justice is a term coined by Sylvia Clute in the 1980s to give a name to what might also be called "justice as love," but the term is gaining wider use.

This website has been created and the content has been largely written by Sylvia Clute. We are immersed in language that applies to punitive justice, a system that is hierarchical, judgmental and  punitive. Unitive justice is none of those things. But describing unitive justice linearly, using words as symbols, is a challenge, for it is holographic, interwoven, each part being an integral part of the whole.

In order to communicate easily and effectively about the two distinct models of justice, we have to create language that distinguishes unitive justice from the established system of retribution and revenge. That is an on-going process, to which many are contributing.

The Alliance for Unitive Justice (www.a4uj.org) is a non-profit headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, dedicated to teaching about unitive justice, providing training in how to implement this model of justice, and offering unitive justice programs. Sylvia Clute is presently the President and Richmond Program Coordinator for the Alliance.

While unitive justice is best understood when it is experienced, this website is a best effort to describe the uniqueness and the power of unitive justice. The larger vision includes creating a webinar about unitive justice and its implementation. The 10 min. video below is from the May, 2016 workshop in Loveland, CO. at Sunrise Ranch. Three participants talk about the workshop experience.