Unitive Justice

  Lovingkindness in action. 




UPCOMING workshop: Richmond, VA

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June 26 - 30, 2017 
9 am - 5 pm daily
Friends Meeting House

4500 Kensington Ave.

Richmond, VA Richmond, VA, USA   

Registration: $369 - 5 day workshop 

(Scholarships may be available for some applicants.)


Unitive education is a system for transforming the educational experience into a joyful adventure in learning, instead of a system based on hierarchy and punishment. Unitive education is grounded on certain principles that emphasize the following:

·          Community strength and self-empowerment.

·                Consensual participation and equality/inclusiveness.

·                       Values, such as trust, honesty, discernment and lovingkindness.

·                                Achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.


The circle facilitation process being taught is based on unitive principles. It is a non-judgmental, non-hierarchical, non-punitive process for addressing conflict within the community where the conflict arose. Using  episodes of conflict to discover the underlying epicenter of brokenness out of which the conflict arose, root causes are addressed and mutually beneficial action is achieved. It teaches new skills that apply in school, at home, in life.

INSTRUCTORS - Sylvia Clute and Laurie Koth

Sylvia was a trial attorney for 28 years; she is trained in collaborative law, mediation, and several models of restorative justice and now teaches restorative justice at the university level.She holds master degrees in public administration from the Univ. of Cal./Berkeley and the Harvard  Kennedy School of Government and her JD is from Boston University School of Law. Please visit her website, www.SylviaClute.com for more information.

Laurie has taught English/Language Arts at the middle and high school levels and in an alternative high school. She is currently a doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research interests include the school-to-prison pipeline and ways to disrupt it, including culturally relevant pedagogy and restorative justice.


WHAT - New school programs come and go and little changes. This is different. Unitive education is not a band aid, it is system change.

WHY - Our educational system is giving rise to a school-to-prison pipeline with a disparate impact on minority youth. Now we can use different tools to create a parallel model of education—one in which students, teachers and administrators together create a supportive learning environment. Conflict and behavior issues are addressed early in ways that get at root causes and result in sustained positive outcomes.


HOW -  By considering the Arcs to Unity, i.e., 12 structural elements of dualistic and unitive systems that demonstrate how education may be transformed from a punitive system to a unitive system. We escape our mistaken belief that punishment is the best we can do to change behavior. This workshop teaches how to access the tools for creating an educational environment based on lovingkindness.


For more information, please contact Laurie Koth at KothLJ@vcu.edu or 443-949-5835