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Unitive Business



Thurs. Nov. 2, Fri. Nov. 3 Sat. Nov. 4 and Mon. Nov. 6, 2017

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day



Friends Meeting House

4500 Kensington Ave.

Richmond, VA



Unitive business is a system for transforming business culture that is grounded on principles that emphasize the following:


· Community strength and self-empowerment.

· Consensual participation and inclusiveness.

· Values, such as trust, honesty, insight and connection.

· Achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.



In the 18th century Adam Smith’s writings gave rise to the belief that trade and a free market exchange would automatically produce socially desirable results through the force of self-interest. The “free hand of the marketplace” became a central justification for the laissez-faire economic philosophy that underpins today’s neoclassical economic theory.


As markets grew far beyond the local community, instead the free hand of the marketplace often led to trade and a market exchange with no moral compass. With globalization, the opportunities for exploitation and unregulated self-interest escalated. In today’s complex world, the cost to the greater good of a business model with no moral compass does not bode well for the future of humanity.



Pundits often criticize how things are but offer few alternatives. By considering 12 essential structural elements that sustain the current business model, even when it is failing, we begin to overcome the system blindness that keeps us from seeing better solutions. By comparing those 12 structures with 12 structures of the Unitive Business model, we discover how business may be transformed from its focus on self-interest to a system that can deal with the complexity of today’s world and maintain high moral standards. Unitive Business is not a band aid - it is system change.

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AN OUTCOME: A 30 year resident of an intention community that uses circles based on unitive principles to address conflicts describes her experience:

“It has changed us greatly for the good, and it has changed all of our relationships with the Director. He seems to have relaxed and become more accessible knowing that he no longer has to be the one to bring resolution to our community conflicts. More people are calling upon the community for the circle process and that allows the Director to be more of a friend than a judging authoritative presence. We all feel it and, as a result, are taking more pleasure in living together as a community".  


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Sylvia Clute. Over the past 30 years Sylvia has created the theory reflected in the Arcs to Unity that is the focus of this workshop. Sylvia was a trial attorney for 28 years and now teaches unitive/restorative justice at the college level. Author of two books, Beyond Vengeance, Beyond Duality: A Call for a Compassionate Revolution and a novel, Destiny Unveiled and a contributor to two recent books on the Integrative Law movement. She holds advanced degrees from U. Cal./Berkeley , the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Boston Univ. School of Law. Sylvia is President of the Alliance for Unitive Justice.



  • Jodi Lemacks—JD, Leadership Trainer and Non-Profit Director

  • Sara Daves—Organizational Development Consultant and Clarity Coach