Unitive Justice

  Lovingkindness in action. 

Creating a Unitive System 

We can understand a unitive system from various perspectives, one of which is to consider the Arcs to Unity listed below. The Arcs provide a guide for going from a punitive system to a unitive system. This list is not definitive, but the following twelve are a good starting point for envisioning the journey to a new understanding of institutional design. 

1. From Rules to Values

2. From Hierarchy to Equality

3. From Judgment to Insight

4. From Punishment to Mutually Beneficial Action

5. From Control to Power

6. Guiding Moral Principle: From Proportional Revenge to Lovingkindness

7. From Separation to Connection 

8. From Distrust to Trust 

9. From Distortion to Honesty

10. From Adversarial to Synergistic

11.  From Episode to Epicenter 

12. Worldview: From Duality to Unity